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Discovering Wild Medicinal Plants

  • La Maison Normande St Leger sous la Bussière France (map)

Hands-on workshop with Kerrith Mc Kenzie and Eva-Maria Martin in Burgundy, France.

Kerrith McKenzie

Kerrith McKenzie

Born in Bombay and trained as a sculptor, after many years as a teacher, Kerrith has spent much of the last 12 years learning about medicinal plants. In his herb garden, a stone’s throw from the Cluniac Abbey of Romainmôtier and set on the site of a long-disappeared chapel dedicated to Saint Anne, he grows 30-odd healing herbs (Burdock and Marshmallow, Willow Herb and Milk Thistle, for example, but also Tulsi and Teasel, Saint John’s Wort and Solomon’s Seal) which he uses to prepare herbal Teas and Tinctures, Soaps and Salves. 

« A rose is a rose is a rose», claimed Gertrude Stein in her famous poem of 1913. As every gardener knows, however, the garden it grows in is not just a garden. It is also a prayer, a place of learning and a bridge to the wonders of the natural world. Becoming familiar with the plants that surround us is, in fact, an ideal antidote for the disenchanted materialism Stein was celebrating. In this course, given in tandem with Eva-Maria Martin, Kerrith hopes to share some of the lessons he has learnt from working with the inspiring plants in his garden.

Portrait Eva-Maria Martin.jpg

For more than 20 years Eva-Maria has been roaming the mountain meadows and forests in Switzerland and in her native Austria , collecting wild flowers, berries, roots, and mushrooms and learning through numerous seminars and courses how these natural elements can support us in achieving our best health. 

Early on she developed her own green drink to detox and re-mineralize, long before these drinks and smoothies became fashionable. She studied iridology in order to gain knowledge about the human body as a whole system, and aroma therapy to learn about the chemical constituents and compounds of plants and how they can be applied in remedies and cosmetics as well as in the household. Courses with herbal experts in the US, in Austria and in Switzerland were another piece in the mosaic about how we can use food and the plants that grow in our backyard and in nature to nourish and heal us. 

She prepares her own essential oil mixtures and tinctures which are appreciated by her family and friends as are her home-made cosmetics which only use organic raw materials and natural preservatives. 

She now feels confident to share her knowledge and practical experience and so to shed some light on this marvelous treasure that nature provides for us. Her ideal is to help people to begin to reclaim control of - and responsibility for - their own health.



10h             Arrival and Introductory talk

10h30         Herb walk: discovering, picking and pressing five medicinal plants

12h30         Lunch

14h             Making a Tincture: A Herbal Aid for blissful sleep

                   Infusing dried plants for salve making

 16h            Tea

16h30         Presentation: « 3 Herbal  Stars - Plantain, Vervain, Yarrow »

18:30h        Preparing a nettle soup and wild herb pesto for supper

19h30         Supper       


10h             Morning talk - questions and answers

Herb walk to discover the useful herbs right at our doorstep

11h30         Making a Salve: A Herbal Cream for Skin Care

                   Making a face and body cream or oil using infused oils

12h30         Lunch

14h             Presentation: « Observation and intuition in the Perception of Medicinal Plants”

16h             Farewell exchange, tea and distribution of documentation

Cost: EUR 250

Included in the course fees are the meals and break time refreshments as well as all the creams and oils used. Every participant will receive samples of the preparations we produced during the course. The course fees are due when you receive the confirmation of your reservation.


Accommodation is not included in the course fee. If you consider attending the seminar we highly recommend booking your accommodation as soon as possible as it is the high season in Burgundy. Reservation websites such as or Trip advisor allow you to book your accommodation with free cancelation up to a few days before your arrival date. Contact us for information on rooms in local hotels we are holding at various price levels. For self catered accommodation consider AirbnB in the vicinity of F- 71520 - St Léger sous la Bussière.

We have also blocked some rooms at the following properties:

Manoir de Montdidier

L’Estaminet in Mazille

If you decide to book at these properties please mention that you are part of this seminar so that they will release the rooms to you. We are also holding other rooms in the area. Please contact us for further information.

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